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Everest treks region is the most exciting trekking destination all over the world. Everest treks is to explore into the new places gaining knowledge of different cultures and traditions enrolling you into it. Everest trek in Nepal is the best holiday package for the adventurous journey to the Himalayas of Nepal.

More than 1300 outmost peaks which are above the altitude of 6000 meters heights are located in the Himalaya region of Nepal. The world topmost peak Mount Everest trek which is at the altitude of 8848 meters is located in the Khumbu part of Nepal. Everest Treks in Khumbu part of Nepal is the great Himalayan trail to the land of outmost snowcapped mountain peaks.

The journey to the mount Everest trek starts from the Lukla valley of Nepal. Lukla valley is the beautiful Sherpa valley with a wonderful view of many mountainous panorama. Mostly walking trial is done by the trekkers in Nepal. After a 20-30 minutes air flight from the Kathmandu to Lukla the Everest trek trial starts from Lukla valley. There are two types of trek is done in the trekking in Nepal. Tea house trek and camping Everest trek is most favorable in Nepal.

Everest treks is done as a tea house trek or the lodging trekking. Tea house trek is done in the local guest house or the local houses of the people living there. While trekking in Everest the trekkers can get a chance to know about the different cultures and traditions of the local peoples. Everest treks is adventurous trekking desire of all the trekkers.